Nov 20 2019

Kohl’s $15 off coupon

Kohl’s $15 off coupon-Kohl’s $15 off coupon
Kohl’s $15 off coupon-Kohl’s: Extra $10 Off Your $10+ In-Store Purchase Coupon (Check Your Inbox) Hip2Save may earn a small commission via affiliate links in this post. Read our full disclosure policy here. Share

Kohl’s: Extra $10 Off Your $10+ In-Store Purchase Coupon (Check Your Inbox)

Hip2Save may earn a small commission via affiliate links in this post. Read our full disclosure policy here.

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Calling all you Kohl’s shoppers who receive Kohl’s emails (if you don’t receive emails and would like to, head over here to sign up for free!). Check your Inbox for an email with a one-time use in-store only coupon valid for $10 off your order through August 22nd. Just look for an email titled “$10 off when you shop at Kohls!” coming from the email address kohls@s.kohls.com.

Shop online or in-store and save with these offers!

Shipping is FREE on orders of $75 or starts at $5.95 for orders less than $75 OR opt for free in-store pick up if available near you.

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Great deal for those who received this e-mail. Unfortunately, the only e-mail I received from Kohl’s is one for $10 off a $40 intimates purchase.

That’s what I received as well

Me too Sandy. Keeping my fingers crossed it will show up in my email later

That’s what I got to

Same here that and a 20,30 or 40 % off mystery email…

It really annoys me when they only send certain coupons to some of us and not all.

Got it. Super excited to receive it

Happy you scored the offer Winnie!

Got it. Woo-hoo. Going to go tomorrow and also got $20 in Kohl’s cash to use.

Sweet! Happy shopping!

Why is it one people receive the email and some don’t?? I didn’t get the email. Out of curiosity, those that received the email do you shop to kohls regularity? Use the kohls card? I’m trying to figure out how they decide who to send these to.

I don’t know how I got the email, but I do shop regularly (online and in store). I am also a card holder and a rewards remember.

Ditto, but no email for me.

Hi Everyboby. I am a Kohl’s customer since they justed open in my town in 2008. I shop there regularly, have a Kohl’s charge, Rewards. but I never received any coupons like $10 off $10 or 40%.. My sister doesn’t shop there, sometime she asked me order what she needs, then they sent the order to her address. So, she always have the coupons that Collin posted when it is happen by MAIL. I think they want the customers doesn’t shop their regularly to get to their door to shop more, so they sent them a good coupons. This is my opinion. Thank you for reading.

Totally agree. I never get their $10 coupons and am a great customer of theirs. I have a friend who truly NEVER shops there. She gets the $10 coupons in the mail every few months. They always get redeemed because she always gives them to me!

That’s interesting. It just seems so random. It would be interesting to figure out their “pattern”!

Any free shipping out there or starting soon? None of my items are available in store pick up

Is FREE4AUG still working as a free shipping code today? I think it’s only with kohl’s card.

If shipping is a lot, I just go to the store and order from the kiosk and it gives free standard shipping

you can also just order from their app sitting in the parking lot of the Kohls and get free shipping…this way you don’t have to drag little ones in…

OT- I’ve been busy lately and haven’t kept up with the posts but what has happened to the Share and Trade posting everyday?

Also wondering. I’ve have seen the question asked a couple times but it’s always ignored.

Hi Cass! We had decided not to post due to so many reports of unfair trades.

We have decided not to post as there were many reports of unfair trades.

Yes collin .. I have been recently cheated on . That was the first time I did the trade and I was naive enough to trust and send the code first . Only after that I received an email back saying that they don’t have anything in return . I felt so cheated .

i got this today and I have $5 coupon already!

I got this offer in my email yesterday. I rarely shop at Kohls & I really don’t need anything. They send me a $10 coupon every year on my birthday and I always buy those Godiva candy bars they have in the front of the store But I notice that one of the exclusions on this coupon is “consumables”

FYI, Godiva also has a birthday program where they send a $10 no minimum purchase coupon on your birthday to redeem at their stores. In case you have a Godiva store close to you.

If you don’t plan to use this coupon can you please email it to me at sanatauseef at gmail dot com? Thanks so much

Arnold—feel free to forward the coupon if you find that it will go to waste…. I would love to use it–thanks so much!! SOMERLOVE@VERIZON.NET

If anyone has an extra they won’t be using, I can use it. My email is hellogn0718@gmail.com . TIA

Got it! Thank you!

Awesome! You’re welcome Jenn!

If anyone is not using their coupon I could!! Thanks!! My email is qponbon@aol.com

I received it and yet I don’t shop there very often but I did place two orders online – one last night and the other July 30th. Prior to that I rarely shop at Kolhs. So perhaps it’s an incentive for us not so frequent Kolhs shopper. Just a thought.

Got it! I live in South Louisiana and was able to buy a pack of socks to donate to those affected by the devastating floods that have taken place here. If anyone got one and is not planning on using it, I will gladly use it to help those in need! My e-mail address is hah91486@yahoo.com.

Peoples. I got the $10 coupon today. I don’t work at Kohl’s, but I can explain why some folks get the coupons and others don’t. First there is NOTHING random about this. Kohl’s marketing department likely has a very strategic marketing plan designed to make casual (or light) Kohl’s into frequent Kohl’s shoppers. So, yes, they watch the coupon redemption AND the amount of your purchases to determine who they want to incent to shop more at Kohl’s.

CVS does the SAME thing. One year I received an abundance of CVS offers, then they stopped coming for almost a year. As a result, I significantly reduced my shopping there…then the offers came back full force.

Trust me, there is a a method to their madness….

Suzanne (just someone who has worked in consumer marketing for oodles of years)

Thanks for the info! Much appreciated! I get SO frustrated when I don’t receive those high value / rare coupons! CVS stopped sending me their coupons as well and it’s been QUITE annoying! I did slow down on shopping there, but they still haven’t started sending me those coupons again.

My daughter gets them all the time and I have been shopping kohls for 50 years and I don’t get them. She also gets a free $10 from Pennys about the same time. I shop Pennys too and don’t get the $10. I think they are trying to lure the “sometimes” shoppers. They should really do it for the super shoppers ; )

You are so right Kathi. They should really do it for the supper shoppers, too. Thank you for a thoughtful suggest.

Thank you so much I would have missed this if you hadn’t posted it.

woo hoo just checked my email i got the$10 coupon along with a $5 yes2you rewards got my sons paw patrol backpack on sale for $14.99 for free yeah.

I spend a considerable amount of money at Kohls and I didn’t receive one either. Sucks when you are a valued customer without the benefits.


Kohl’s $15 off coupon

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