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Missouri state building

Jurisdictions may adopt energy codes.

DOE Determination: ASHRAE 90.1-2007: Yes
ASHRAE 90.1-2010: No
ASHRAE 90.1-2013: No

Energy cost savings for Missouri resulting from the state updating its commercial and residential building energy codes in accordance with federal law are significant, estimated to be on the order of nearly $152 million annually by 2030.
Missouri DOE Determination Letter, May 31, 2013

Jurisdictions may adopt energy codes.

DOE Determination: 2009 IECC: Yes
2012 IECC: No
2015 IECC: No

Energy cost savings for Missouri resulting from the state updating its commercial and residential building energy codes in accordance with federal law are significant, estimated to be on the order of nearly $152 million annually by 2030.
Missouri DOE Determination Letter, May 31, 2013

State Owned / Funded Buildings

Missouri state government does have the authority to adopt a minimum energy efficiency standard for state building pursuant to Chapter 8.812, RSMo. As of July 1, 2012, state-owned commercial buildings must comply with the 2012 IECC, pursuant to Section 8.812 RSMo’s requirement that “Such standard shall be at least as stringent as the International Energy Conservation Code 2006, or the lastest version thereof.” This is the most often accomplished by following the requirements of ANSI/ASHRAE-IESNA Standard 90.1, which is compliant with IECC as stated in section C401.2 of the code.

Adoption Process

Legislation established the energy requirements for state-funded buildings. Legislation will be required to adopt a mandatory statewide energy code. Local jurisdictions may adopt their own energy code.

Enforcement Process

The Missouri Office of Administration, Division of Design and Construction enforces the requirements for state-funded buildings. The local jurisdiction enforces any locally adopted code requirements.

Compliance Process

Compliance for state-funded buildings is demonstrated through plan review and inspections by the Missouri Office of Administration, Division of Design and Construction. Compliance at the local level (if any) is through plan review and inspection by local building officials.


In 1993 the Missouri General Assembly passed two legislative proposals that addressed energy efficiency in state facilities.

The state of Missouri had no authority to adopt or enforce locally preemptive building standards for residential or commercial (non-state) buildings. This authority was at the local level.

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Division of Energy, conducted a survey of local units of government in 1994. This survey helped the Division determine what percentage of Missouri’s population was operating under a building code and if energy efficiency was a part of the code. The survey was administered to local political subdivisions, which included all Missouri counties and municipalities with populations of 500 or more.

The Division of Energy distributed a summary of the 1994 building code survey to members of the Missouri Committee for Model Codes and other stakeholders. The summary showed that those cities and counties responding to the survey that had building codes in place represented 47% of the state’s population. Approximately 28% of the population was not covered by a building code and the remaining cities and counties representing approximately 25% of the population did not respond to the survey.

In 1994 a legislative proposal authorizing the state to establish a state building code was introduced. The legislative initiatives focused primarily on establishing construction codes designed to prevent the structural failure of buildings rather than to ensure energy efficiency. Another consideration was that federal flood relief for reconstruction be withheld from property owners living in localities that did not require building permits. Although the proposal and subsequent versions came to a vote six times, it did not pass. The last version of the bill would have created a State Building Code Advisory Board consisting of 17 members to study the need for a statewide building code and to make recommendations to the Governor and General Assembly.

Similar legislation was introduced during the 1995 legislative session. The Division of Energy coordinated a meeting on August 24, 1994, with Representative Boucher, State Office Administration staff, the Kansas City Regional Office of the Department of Energy, and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to discuss including energy efficiency provisions in the 1995 legislative proposal. Several options were presented based on initiatives in other states. The 1995 legislative proposal would have required counties to adopt and enforce a building code – either the BOCA UBC or the SBCCI SBC. The bill did not require energy codes as energy efficient as those required by EPAct. The bill died in the legislature. Similar legislation failed in the 1996 session.

An interim committee was formed during the summer of 1995 to study the need for state building codes. To gather public input on the need for statewide building codes, the interim committee scheduled regional meetings across the state.

In response to legislation signed in 1993, for Energy Efficiency in State Facilities, a rule was finalized and published on January 26, 1996, with an effective date 30 days later that established “state building minimum efficiency standards.” The rule covered new state buildings (or portions), additions, substantial renovations, or existing buildings considered for lease (when over 10,000 sq. ft.) or acquisition by the state. ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1-1989 was adopted by reference for buildings other than single-family and multi-family residential buildings not over three stories high. For single-family and multi-family residential buildings, the latest editions of the Council of American Building Officials Model Energy Code (MEC) or ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 90.2-1993 was applicable. New editions/revisions to these adopted standards would automatically be adopted by reference and become effective three months after the date of their publication. (10 CSR 140-7, Department of Natural Resources.) No statewide requirements existed for other buildings; local cities and jurisdictions adopt their own requirements.

During the 1999 legislative session, Senate Concurrent Resolution 5 was approved by the Missouri Legislature to evaluate alternatives and strategies available for implementation of the 2000 IBC.

After the passage of SB 1181 in July 2008, all state buildings must comply with the 2006 IECC beginning on July 1, 2009.

Adoption and compliance activities since 2009 are summarized in Missouri’s State Certification letter under the DOE Determinations section of the status of state code page.

The Division of Energy conducted a survey in June 2012 regarding adoption activities within the state. In summary large jurisdictions in Missouri have adopted 2009 IECC or equivalent codes: – St. Louis metropolitan area cities of St. Louis, St. Charles, O’Fallon, Florissant, Wildwood, Affton, Manchester, Clayton and other smaller cities adopted the 2009 IECC along with St. Louis County. – Kansas City adopted the 2012 IECC with many metropolitan area cities planning to follow. The Kansas City metropolitan area city of Independence, the 4th largest Missouri city, adopted the 2012 IECC with energy conservation provisions mostly optional but encouraged. – The 3rd largest Missouri city, Springfield, located in southwest Missouri, adopted 2012 IECC with amendments to residential construction that are equivalent to the 2006 IECC. – The 5th largest Missouri city, Columbia, located in central Missouri adopted the 2012 IECC.

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#Missouri state building - #Video REMMONT.COM

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